Worm Solutions Premium Worm Juice application rates:

Home Garden Use:

Application rate: 5-15 litres per hectare .

50/50 dilution for trees, flowers and plants including fruit and vegetables.

30/70 (30% Juice) on delicate plants & bonsais.


Use a 3 litre hose spray pack filled with undiluted worm juice and attach hose water to dilute juice and spray onto lawn.

This will cover approx 1 litre per 15-20m2.

Broadacre Use:

When should it be applied?

Apply Worm Solutions on plants during growth stage for immediate uptake and coat seed at sowing for greater strike rate.

How much water do I add?

Mix 15L per ha with water according to the calibration on your sprayer. E.g. If your sprayer puts out 100L per hectare, use 85L of water with every 15L of Worm Solutions. This is a 15% dilution. (example)

The water rate is not critical. It acts as a carrier to distribute 5-15L/ha across plants and/or seed if doing in-furrow fertilisation. But please keep in mind Worm Juice has an accumulative effect unlike synthetics, so the higher the concentrate level the better. Exact dilution rates is really up to the discretion and affordability of the user.

Broad acre worm solution application

Worm Solutions can be easily adapted to fertigation systems.

On Pasture:

Apply from 5-15L/ha in growth times such as Autumn and Spring or other growth opportunities due to irrigation or seasonal influences. There is no stock withholding period. Animals may even remain in the paddock during spraying.

On Crops:

  1. Inoculate seed with Worm Solutions at 5-15 L/tonne and/or use in liquid inject systems at 5-15L/ha.
  2. Apply  5-15L/ha of Worm Solutions at the 3-leaf stage.
  3. Apply 5-15L/ha as a top dressing if required.

Horticulture / Viticulture / Orchard:

Apply Worm Solutions 3 to 4 times a year up till harvest with no withholding period.

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