Worm Farms

Worm Farms organic farming

Here at Worm Solutions we are committed to using recyclable materials where possible. A sustainable approach to reduce the impact on our landfills.

Our farms are constructed with longevity in mind utilising purposefully recycled galvanised steel and heavy duty commercial grade plastics. Comprising of a 400L fluid holding tank and a top tank of 600L your worms will enjoy the space that our farms offer.

With it’s very own filtration system installed be sure that none of those little wrigglers escape into the holding tank and further preventing any loss of castings and bedding material.

With an easy low fuss setup; including instructions you will be ready to sit back and watch in approximately 15mins. Fast forward approximately 3 months and you will have your very own liquid gold ready to use.


– Purpose built Worm Factory using recycled IBC & welded frame
– Start up Worms
– Worm Bedding (3 types) 
– Instructions to set up, produce & maintain your own worm juice.
– Each unit is capable of producing around 20 litres per week *dependent upon conditions*

15 – 20 min setup time
20 min maintenance per week
2-3 months have your very own liquid gold

All for $650 plus GST and Freight ( Free local pick up available from our Albury warehouse)

Please contact us for pricing before checking out

Competitive Freight quotes available OZ WIDE – Please message us with your location for a quote

Please let us know if you require any further information.

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